Usain Bolt picks The Best FIFA awards winner, chooses between Ronaldo, Messi and Van Dijk

Usain Bolt

The Best FIFA awards will be held on September 23, wherein the top performers of the previous year will be recognized by the footballing body. Virgil van Dijk, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Lionel Messi are the three finalists in the Men’s category and Olympian Usain Bolt has picked his winner for the award. 

Usain Bolt was recently quizzed about who should win The Best FIFA Men’s Player of the Year award, to which he had a set answer. The record Olympian stated that based on the previous season, the award is Virgil van Dijk’s to lose. Although he also joked that being a Manchester United fan, he personally would vote for Cristiano Ronaldo.

“All three are wonderful players. I think Messi and Ronaldo have won this award five times each. Van Dijk just won the UEFA Award and based on the success of Liverpool last season it may be his turn.

“As a Manchester United fan, I would probably vote for Ronaldo!”

Ronaldo and Van Dijk, along with Lionel Messi, have been selected as the finalists for The Best FIFA Men’s Player of the Year award. The trio will be present later tonight on September 23, when the award is handed out.

Virgil van Dijk, courtesy of his glorious year with Liverpool, is the favourite to win the award, pipping Messi and Ronaldo in the process. The defender did the same during the UEFA Player of the Year award earlier and is also the top contender for the 2019 Ballon d’Or.