Jose Mourinho reveals what Cristiano Ronaldo will do after retirement

Former Real Madrid and Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has revealed what he thinks Cristiano Ronaldo will do at the age of 50, long after he has retired.

Mourinho was in conversation with Portuguese TV channel 11, where he talked about Ronaldo’s hunger of scoring goals and winning trophies on a consistent basis. The 56-year-old even added that he is not surprised by how the Juventus talisman continues to better himself even at the age of 34.

The Portuguese, who managed Ronaldo at Real Madrid from 2010 to 2013, said that the five-time Ballon d’Or winner will score goals even at the age of 50 when FIFA invites him for a ‘legends game’.

“What Cristiano does, does not surprise me,” Mourinho said.

“At 34, he is a top player, who plays in a top team and has top ambitions. It does not surprise me because he is a case study in genetic terms, and mentality as well.

“He is a phenomenon, someone who only thinks about winning and doing it more and more and better. That is why I am not surprised at all what he does.

“When he is 50 years old he will be at home and FIFA will invite him to a game of legends. He will play the game and score a goal. I am sure it will be like that.”