Mourinho: I’ll be in charge

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho insists he will 'be in charge' for Saturday evening's clash with Stoke City, despite being slapped with a stadium ban.

The Portuguese tactician will travel with his team to the Britannia Stadium, although he admits he will have to hop off the bus before they arrive at their destination.

Mourinho says he has given his backroom team detailed instructions for the match, though, and is confident they will be able to handle the added duties.

However, he insists the responsibility for the team is still his to shoulder, freeing up his backroom team from any extra pressure.

"I travel with them, yes. I travel with them and will be with them until the moment somebody stops me, which is, I think, when I am in the limit of the compound of the stadium," Mourinho said at his pre-match press conference.

"We know when I have to stop. I have to get out (of the coach) before. I don't know (where I watch the game). I have no plans. Maybe I sit in the street corner with my iPad. I don't know."

He added: "I will be in charge. Every responsibility is my responsibility. My staff are completely free of that extra pressure. That doesn't belong to their jobs. It's my responsibility.

"If after ten minutes we are playing with seven men, it's something I didn't prepare my assistants for. They'd have to decide themselves. You're right: the game is unpredictable, we don't know the direction in many aspects, but we try to reduce. That we did. The most incredible scenarios you can imagine (we have envisaged).

"Let's go to extremes: at half-time winning or losing 4-0. In between this, you have 1,000 options: be dominating and controlling the game; being dominated and not controlling the game; having problems with this or that area; injuries or red cards of the goalkeeper, the right-back, the centre-back, the striker, the winger.

"We went through all these different scenarios. They are prepared. Also, what is important is for them to feel protected by the fact that it's my responsibility. It's just for the players to play, and for the assistants to be with them and supportive with them."