5 footballers you should take with you on Area 51 raid

area 51

A Facebook event probably made in jest – Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us – has had about 1.2 million people ready to turn it into reality. But going to a place which supposedly houses Aliens, you’d need some good fighters on your side!

And here are five footballers who you should definitely take if you’re one of the 1.2 million attendees.

Roy Keane

There cannot be a better option among footballers who could be your best bets while you’re storming Area 51. Known for his physicality and the ability to launch into tackles, the Manchester United legend would come in handy if you’re at it.

Patrick Vieira

And while you’re taking Keane along, tag his arch-nemesis and Arsenal legend Patrick Vieira with you as well. Tactically strong and one of the strongest midfielders the game has ever seen, the Frenchman is a must-have.

Gennaro Gattuso

The 2006 World Cup-winning midfielder and AC Milan legend, Gattuso is known for his short temper. And as Italy legend Andrea Pirlo revealed in his book, Gattuso is quite handy with a fork in his hand.

“Gattuso would grab a fork and try to stick it in us. On more than one occasion, he struck his intended target and the fork sank into our skin. We were as soft as tuna; the kind you can cut with a breadstick. Some of us ended up missing games because of one of Rino’s fork attacks, even if the official explanation from the club was one of ‘muscle fatigue’.”

Nemanja Vidic

The former Manchester United defender is one of the best ever to have played in the Premier League. Known for his lat-ditch and fearless tackles, Vidic does not care about a cut or two or even more, as we have seen in the past. So, if you’re going to Area 51, leave the great Serbian at your own risk.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

The recipient of an┬áhonorary black belt by the Italian Taekwondo Federation, Zlatan Ibrahimovic could as well have had a career in martial arts if he wasn’t as good a footballer. Ibrahimovic’s confidence will be enough to help you see through the raid, but if need be, he can sure pitch in with a kung fu kick or two.