Cristiano Ronaldo slammed for not helping terminally ill footballer

Cristiano Ronaldo slammed for not helping terminally ill footballer

Portuguese legend and Juventus star Cristiano Ronaldo has been accused of not helping terminally ill footballer and former Rangers FC star Fernando Ricksen. In a recent interview, Ricksen’s wife Veronica said that Ronaldo did not offer help to her family despite meeting with him personally.

In an interview given to the Russian Match TV website, Veronika Ricksen explained in detail the ordeals her family is going through, also adding that they don’t get much help from world-famous players.

She narrated the story of their meeting with Cristiano Ronaldo as an example to her above point.

“Once we met with Cristiano Ronaldo, so what? I can’t say I wasn’t much thrilled about the meeting,” she was quoted as saying by RT.

“Bella (Ricksen’s daughter) wanted to see a man whom she, together with her father, watched playing football on TV. Fernando promised her to arrange a meeting with him and he kept his promise. We went to Madrid to see him (Ronaldo).”

She was then asked if Ronaldo offered any help after hearing Ricksen’s story, to which she replied that all the help she received from the Juventus forward was “a sweaty jersey” and a picture with him as a present.

“He gave his sweaty jersey to our daughter. Took it off right after the game, gave it to Bella and went away. This old man from FIFA [believed to be Sepp Blatter], I don’t remember his name, he promised to create a charity foundation to help Fernando, but in fact, he didn’t do anything,” Veronika said.

According to the latest reports, Fernando Ricksen, who is also a former Zenit St Petersburg star, is currently being cared for at St Andrew’s Hospice in Airdrie in Scotland as he battles the motor neurone disease. The Dutch footballer will remain confined to his bed and a wheelchair for the rest of his life as the disease is incurable by nature.

Quotes via RT.