Neymar denies accusations of rape to police, claims his relationship with the woman ‘was consensual’

Neymar denies accusations of rape to police, claims his relationship with the woman 'was consensual'

Paris Saint Germain footballer Neymar Jr. attended a hearing with Sao Paulo police on Thursday, 13 June after he was accused of rape by a Brazilian woman named Najila Trindade. The incident is said to have happened on 15 May.

The Brazilian star who was injured during Brazil’s recent friendly game against Qatar, attended the hearing in a dark suit and leaning on crutches, as reported by Le Parisien. The hearing was arranged for Neymar to record his own statement regarding the accusation after Ms. Trindade recorded her own statement earlier last week.

According to Brazilian television network Globo TV, as quoted by L’Equipe,┬áthe footballer explained that he has not raped the woman and that the sexual relationship that existed between them was one of mutual consent. Neymar apparently added that it was Ms. Trindade who actually “asked to be spanked” by him.

RMC Sport reported that the 27-year-old then claimed that he left after Trindade slapped him during their second meeting – a part of which was revealed in a recent video released by the woman herself earlier this month.

The French publication further added that Neymar responded to journalists after his five-hour-long hearing. During his interview with the reporters, he apparently asked them to remain serene as “the truth will come out sooner or later”.

Meanwhile, the Sao Paulo police department has also reportedly filed a lawsuit against Ms. Trindade for allegedly defaming them in a television interview where she claimed that the police department was corrupted.

It was on June 1 that the initial allegations against Neymar were first brought to light. Neymar immediately denied her claims, after which she proceeded to reveal the messages exchanged between her and the player, to further add to her claims.