Detailed text message conversations between Neymar Jr. and alleged rape victim emerge

In what has been deemed a major update to Neymar Jr.’s rape case, detailed text message conversations that are said to have happened between the footballer and the victim emerged on Friday.

The woman named Najila Trindade accused the PSG star of rape on June 1 and she also filed a formal complaint with the Sao Paulo police on the same day. The incident is said to have happened on May 15 in a five-star hotel in Paris, where the player met the woman after getting to know her via Instagram.

According to her claims, he talked with Ms Trindade for a while before beginning to caress her. When she resisted the claims, he began assaulting her physically before raping her.

Neymar denied the allegations on June 2, saying that the woman and her lawyer were making false claims to extort him and his family. Later, on June 6, Ms Trindade released a hotel room video that showed them fighting.

The string of text messages released recently, began with the woman sending the footballer a picture to suggest that she was bruised from their first encounter, to which he replied that she herself was also responsible for it because she “asked for more”.

According to Marca, the following is a roughly translated version of the messages originally in Portuguese.

Najila: I’m going to sleep. You are not coming and you have me here waiting. It was just talk, you were not planning to come.

Neymar: In 15 (minutes) I will arrive.

Najila: Are you going to get married? Do not.

Neymar: I was having dinner.

Neymar: (answering “Are you going to get married?) Thank God, right?

Najila: My mobile is going to run out of battery and I do not know where my charger is. I’m waiting, 203 (room number).

The next set of messages were exchanged after Neymar left the hotel room, an hour later on the same day (May 15).

Neymar: Regardless of what you have done with me, I forgive you. It’s all good. If anything, leave a message.

Najila: I want to leave. Just that.

Neymar: Okay.

Ms Trindade then sent her pictures to indicate she had been bruised. Neymar responded with the emoji of a man with open arms.

Najila: That’s why I was wearing shorts. Do you remember everything about yesterday?

Neymar: Obviously.

Najila: You can block me now, I’m going to put an end to this ****** that I’m feeling. I do not know if I can explain.

Neymar: Relax, follow your life and everything is fine.

Najila: If you can get me a flight in the morning you tell me, please.

Neymar: Ok, I will.

Najila: The guy I met today was not the same as yesterday. It was the Neymar of today that I was passionate about.

Neymar: You do not know me well, I’m normal.

Najila: We all are.

Neymar: sends “joined hands” emoji.

Neymar: Yesterday got over fast and we did not have time to talk and today people have changed their minds.

Najila: Can be. I was excited to meet you, yesterday it was all so fast. That’s why in the morning I saw these marks, yesterday we barely spoke, you were agitated and today you got calmer. Yesterday, I was calm, and today I am angry.

Neymar: About your bruises, you were also guilty, hahaha, you asked for more (emoji of a man with open arms).

Neymar: Nothing wrong at all, people met and it was legal. Unfortunately, today’s episode (of their recorded altercation in the hotel room) spoiled it a bit. But it was a pleasure to meet you.

Najila: (responding to “about your bruises, you were also guilty, hahaha, you asked for more”) Are you crazy? I asked you to stop and even apologized.

Neymar: sends thoughtful emoji.

Najila: It stays like this. You’re still Neymar and I’m just one of the girls. If you have sent that photo to someone, please ask them to delete it, because I do not want anything to associate my name with yours.

Neymar: I would never send those images to anyone.

Najila: Compared to what you have done to me, it would be nothing. Although I have changed only today, you know very well what you did and how you treated me. In fact, you mistreated me! Even though it stays off forever and we never speak to each other again, deep down you know what happened.

I hope you never feel half of the anguish I have felt on this trip. What scares me the most is that I really find everything was good, and I am totally crazy.

It shows that your brain works only on the ground and your heart does not work anywhere.

But, anyway, whatever it is, it does not matter anymore. I will continue and take the maximum possible remedy to forget that one day I was here for you to treat me like that. Sleep well and thank you. At least now, I really know who Neymar Jr. is.

Later, after Neymar denied Ms Trindade’s allegations, she sent the final message: “You have not revealed the whole conversation,” she said, sending him the screenshot of his Instagram video.

On Friday, the 26-year-old Brazilian woman also appeared on Brazilian television to narrate her side of the story, where she repeated her claims that she was assaulted and raped by the PSG forward.

(Translation R/T Marca)