WATCH: Video emerges of hotel room fight between Neymar and woman who accused him of rape

In what has been deemed a big turning point in relation to Neymar’s alleged rape case, a new video released by the woman herself shows Neymar fighting her in the hotel room.

The Paris Saint Germain star was accused of rape by the Brazilian woman on June 1. In a formal complaint that she lodged with the Sao Paulo police, she said that the incident occurred on May 15 in a hotel room in Paris. Neymar apparently came to know the woman via Instagram and got in touch with her, before arranging for her to fly to Paris to meet him.

A day later, on June 2, the Brazilian footballer responded to the allegations and claimed that they were unfounded and untrue. He also released a video that revealed the messages he shared with the woman, in a bid to prove his innocence.

Another report from June 5 stated that Neymar’s victim has been heavily bruised as per medical analysis but despite that, the court was set to drop charges against the footballer following contradictory statements from her.

The new video could hence be a turning point in the investigation as it offers a glimpse into what might actually have happened between them.

Watch the video below:

The woman, named Najila Trindade Mendes de Souza according to reports, can be seen assaulting the PSG player in a hotel room.

Neymar can be heard saying, “No, no, no, do not hit me, no.”

To which the woman replies, “No? You’re going to hit me, right? Aren’t you going to hit me?” after which she gets up from the bed and continues trying to hit the superstar footballer.

A few seconds later, she appears to throw an unidentified object at him while saying: “I’m going to hit you, you know why. Because you beat me up yesterday.”