Reports: Neymar rape case to be dropped following contradictory accounts from victim

Brazil star Neymar limped out of training

Neymar Jr. has found himself in a bit of a pickle following a rape case filed against him by a woman claiming to have also been assaulted by the Brazilian. Now, however, the case seems to have been dropped.

G1 Globo are reporting extensively what seems to have happened, and the understanding is that the lawyers appointed by the woman who was allegedly raped by Neymar have come to the conclusion that there are conflicting and contradictory accounts from the victim regarding what happened.

As a result, a lack of evidence appears to be present, due to which the case would end up having to be dropped.

According to the lawyers, the woman said – “the relationship with Neymar Jr. was consensual, but that during the act he had become a violent person, attacking her, being the typical central fact (aggression) for which he should be held liable civilly and criminally.” 

There are reports suggesting that the woman even appointed new legal representatives to deal with a case she understood as rape, and a transcript with conversations with the lawyer have also been released.

“Why do not we play in the media right away to end this asshole’s career right away? He beat me up and raped me,” the woman claims.

“Calm. That’s right after we file the complaint, ” the lawyer responds.

Woman: “I’m angry, Zé. I should have killed him when I had the chance.”

Lawyer: “He will be punished. But you should know a ‘fight’ like that takes a long time”

Woman: “I would even involve the guys in PCC” (PCC is the biggest crime organization in Brazil)

Lawyer: “Don’t even joke about that.”

While details are still sketchy, it appears that the case will be dropped due to the conflicting claims of assault and rape.