Neymar finally responds to rape allegations

PSG and Brazil star Neymar

French club Paris Saint Germain (PSG) and Brazil International soccer star Neymar Jr has finally responded to the rape allegations made on him by a Brazilian woman. He denied all the accusations on him contained in a police report filed at Sao Paulo, Brazil.

It was on June 1 that the woman – who is yet to be named – approached law and order officials in the Brazilian city to file a complaint on the former Barcelona star. It was reported that Neymar raped the woman in a hotel in Paris, on May 15.

However, according to a video statement released by the player himself on June 2, Neymar claims that he has been the victim of an extortion attempt by a lawyer claiming to represent the woman he is alleged to have assaulted.

Por motivo de extorsão estou sendo obrigado a expor minha vida e família…

Posted by Neymar Jr. on Saturday, 1 June 2019

The woman had alleged that Neymar had drunkenly assaulted her this month at an upmarket hotel in the French capital, home of his club PSG. Along with the video shown above, Neymar’s management also issued a press release on his website which said that the allegations made against the 27-year-old forward were not true.

Read the press release here.

“Although he was surprised by the news, the facts were already known to the player and his staff, considering that a few days ago he was the victim of attempted extortion, practised by a lawyer from Sao Paulo who said he represented the interests of the alleged victim,” read the statement.

“The player’s lawyers were immediately notified and have since taken all appropriate steps. We completely repudiate the unjust accusations and, above all, the exposure in the press of an extremely negative situation. All evidence of attempted extortion and non-rape will be submitted to the police authorities in a timely manner.”

Andre Noruega, a licensed players’ agent and an official associated with Brazilian Youth Football, commented thus:

Meanwhile, a source from the United States reported that they had approached Neymar’s current employers Paris Saint Germain and Brazil’s football federation (CBF) for comments. While PSG’s representatives did not respond, CBF officials declined the invite.