Shocking details on FIFA corruption case emerges; witnesses received death threats

The FIFA Liberty scandal is easily one of the biggest corruption cases that have rocked the world of Football, and situations regarding the World’s largest footballing regulatory authority have never been the same since then.

Over 40 employees of FIFA and other entities in the world of global football, were charged in the United States with a scheme to extract hundreds of millions of dollars in bribes and kickbacks. Of those, 24 pleaded guilty.

Meanwhile, a few shocking details on the corruption case have re-emerged, as it has been revealed by Ken Bensinger, journalist for Buzzfeed News.

According to him, defendants and potential witnesses received anonymous death threats, threats of extortion and so on. A few of them had their offices burgled, while on a very particular instance, a defendant’s family dog was killed with its throat slashed. View the tweets below:

The defendant mentioned in Bensinger’s tweets, Manuel Burga was a former top soccer official of Peru, was acquitted in 2017, as reported by ESPN.

The two other men who appeared with him – Juan Angel Napout of Paraguay, and Jose Maria Marin on trial were convicted, while Burga was cleared off his charges.

Back then, Burga had famously called the result a “miracle”.

“My history in [football] is finished,” he had said, as he expected to resume a career as a lawyer after 15 years as a football executive with FIFA’s subsidiaries in Peru.