WATCH: AS Roma invite internet troll to recreate goal after he claims he can do it

“Even I could have scored that goal”, is a very popular phrase associated with the game of football on a day-to-day basis.

Every single day, we see footballers attempting simple (or hard) goals – sometimes scoring and sometimes not, but regardless of the results, there is always at least one person in your group (it can be you yourselves) who feels even he/she “could have done it”.

And almost all of them get away with their words, with nobody available to verify such claims – but what if on one fine day, you say say so and your club invites you to try and see the results of your claims for yourself? How cool would that be!

Italian student and AS Roma fan Marco Nicolai may also have thought he would get away easily, when he posted a similar comment under a compilation video of youngster Cengiz Under’s goals posted by the club on Facebook.

Nicolai claimed that he could easily score one of Under’s goals from the video – and then probably went away minding his own business. He may even have forgotten that he had actually posted the particular comment.

Things, however turned out quite differently as Roma along with official sponsors Hyundai invited Nicolai to the Stadio Olympico, where he was given a chance to prove that he could do exactly as he had said – score the same goal as Under scored, against Parma.

He was given three tries, and you can now watch the video below to see how the situation unfolded:

Well, as it turned out, he missed all his chances. While he slipped on his first attempt, he shot weakly and straight at the goalkeeper in his second.

The third attempt turned out to be the best of all three, as he narrowly shot wide of the post – but altogether it meant that Nicolai’s bold claim did not hold true.

“So you’ll never write that again?” Marco was asked afterwards, to which he replied: “I don’t think so, no.”

I think we all can now agree to the fact that IT IS ACTUALLY HARD to score professional goals, and admire footballers everytime they manage to find the back of the net, while also making their attempts look quite easy, no matter how difficult they may actually be.