Watch: Fan enters pitch to punch England youth star in the face

Over the years, there have been plenty of fans who have decided to run on to the pitch instead of waiting in the stands. In most cases, however, their ‘two minutes of glory’ work as a comedic medium for those watching. However, none could’ve predicted what was to come, when a Birmingham fan entered the pitch in their match against rivals Aston Villa. 

Aston Villa versus Birmingham is one of the more traditional English rivalries. The two used to ply their trade in the Premier League until recently, before falling down one division. Nevertheless, the animosity between the two sides has managed to remain intact.

While the tempers on the pitch are known to flare during these matches, none would’ve predicted a supporter taking matters into his own hands.

The man in question ran on to the pitch in the ninth minute, before punching Jack Grealish in the back of his head. The England youth international quickly collapsed to the ground, while the man was surrounded by players from both the teams.

Meanwhile, the West Midlands Police have made an arrest following the incident, with further details yet to be revealed.