WATCH: Leng Makara adds to the trouble for Nagaworld FC with an own-goal against Ha Noi in the AFC Cup 2019

Trouble seems to find Nagaworld FC on its own terms as the Cambodian team concedes a third goal against Ha Noi FC, and in the most unapologetic of ways to do so – an own goal.

This was Ha Noi’s second goal to have come out of a corner-kick, and while the first one involved a lot of effort with Duy Manh producing a screamer from many yards away, this time it came out of an unfortunate own-goal. Leng Makara jumped high in an attempt to clear the ball away, but the ball in turn fell low, caught the defender’s leg and deflected into the post, both the goalkeeper and the remainder of Nagaworld’s players watching helplessly in the meantime.

AFC Cup 2019: Ha Noi 3-0 Nagaworld – Leng Makara OG (18′)

The goal will give Ha Noi a sure-shot victory in their opener in the AFC Cup 2019, and all that remains to be seen is the goal-difference at the end of ninety minutes.