WATCH: Persija Jakarta denied rightful penalty against Becamex Binh Duong in the AFC Cup 2019

Indonesia’s very own Persija Jakarta has been putting on a commanding performance against Vietnam-based Becamex Binh Duong in the ongoing fixture of the AFC Cup 2019, but the hosts lost out on a reason to celebrate early, with the referee denying a rightful penalty chance for them as early as the 20th minute.

AFC Cup 2019: Persija denied penalty in controversial referee call

Persija had an early scare in the 17th minute as Ho Sy Giap headed the ball into the net for the visitors, only for it to be flagged offside. Following the incident, the hosts seemed more active and hell-bent to force a legitimate goal by themselves, which eventually led to the attack that went on all the way till the Binh Duong penalty box.

That was when Sy Giap himself brought down Persija’s Rizki Ramdani Lestaluhu inside the box, as the latter’s teammates clamoured loudly for a penalty call. However, the referee was unmoved, and asked the players to carry on with the game – also awarding a corner to Persija as the ball had gone out of play having last touched a Binh Duong player.

Television replays clearly show that Sy Giap caught much less of the ball than Rizki himself, and that it was a clear foul.

Both teams have continued since, producing numerous attempts to score, but none have graced the back of the net so far.