Possible progress in Emiliano Sala disappearance case

Emiliano Sala is shown on the big screen at the Emirates Stadium

On January 21, Football player Emiliano Sala and Pilot David Ibbotson went missing, after a plane carrying the pair disappeared off Alderney. The reports surfaced the following a day and a massive search was carried out. After some initial disappointment, it seems that some progress has finally been made.

Last week the world came to a halt when Argentine football player Emiliano Sala went missing. Sala was returning to Cardiff from Nantes, having signed with Cardiff City days earlier, when his plane went missing. A thorough search was carried out to no avail, after which fans and family took it on themselves to crowdfund and re-launch the investigation.

Meanwhile, Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB), have been conducting their own search alongside the private investigation.

It seems that the decision to reopen the search has finally borne fruit, as there has likely been some progress in the case.nAccording to several sources, wreckage from the plane carrying Sala and pilot David Ibbotson has been found.

The Air Accidents Investigation Branch have been told by their French counterpartsĀ that they have discovered seat cushions which are ‘likely’ to be from the aeroplane that was carrying the pair.

As reported by the Telegraph, an AAIB spokesman said: “On the morning of Monday, January 28, we were advised by the Bureau d’Enquetes andĀ d’Analyses, the French safety investigation authority, that part of a seat cushion had been found on a beach near Surtainville on the Cotentin Peninsula.

“A second cushion was found in the same area later that day. From a preliminary examination, we have concluded that it is likely that the cushions are from the missing aircraft.”

The investigators have now identified a 4-mile radius in which they want to conduct further searches for the missing plane’s wreckage.