Top 10 players with the best minutes per goal or assist ratio in Premier League

Many amazing players made their mark in the Premier League including some of the best forwards the game has seen. What makes these players special is the rate at which they are directly involved in a goal.

#10. Alan Shearer – 114 minutes

The Premier League’s all-time leading goalscorer, Alan Shearer, is the only player in the Top 12 to not play for at least one of Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Spurs, Arsenal or Manchester City.

Sharer makes the top 10 by beating Dennis Bergkamp and Wayne Rooney in 11th and 12th positions respectively by taking five minutes fewer than both players to register a goal or an assist in the Premier League.

The Newcastle United legend scored a record 260 goals and this tally is 52 more than the nearest competitor and 107 goals more than the nearest active player in the Premier League. He also recorded 64 assists and that’s the joint 15th highest in the league’s history.

#9. Cristiano Ronaldo – 113 minutes

Cristiano Ronaldo averages a little over a goal per game in the La Liga for Real Madrid but in the Premier League his numbers aren’t of similar stature but it’s still good enough to get him ninth place.

In six seasons with Manchester United, Ronaldo scored 84 goals and assisted 34 goals. His goals and assists tally are ranked 41st and 98th in the all-time Premier League table. However, he had direct involvement in a goal every 109th minute which is quite fantastic considering the fact that he joined the league at a very young age and took a couple of seasons to settle in.

#8. Eric Cantona – 109 minutes

Eric Cantona had a very short football career as he retired at the age of 30 but he built a legacy in England in a very short period with his on-field performance and persona.

While representing rivals Leeds United and Manchester United, the Frenchman recorded 70 goals and 56 assists, the 55th and 23rd highest in the Premier League all-time table respectively.

The four-time Premier League winner retired with a goal or an assist every 109 minutes.

#7. Didier Drogba – 105 minutes

Didier Drogba is one of only 28 players with over 100 Premier League goals and with 54 assists, he is also one of only 14 players to score at least 100 goals and provide 50 assists in the Premier League.

The Chelsea legend’s goal tally is only the 27th best in the Premier League history and has been bettered by Harry Kane and Romelu Lukaku already. However, Drogba has four league titles to show for his efforts.

#6. Harry Kane – 97 minutes

Harry Kane is a late bloomer and he only became a first-team regular at Spurs after he celebrated his 21st birthday. Despite this, in four and a half seasons, Kane has raced to 17th in the Premier League all-time leading goalscorer list with 122 goals. Chances are that Kane will climb to 13th by the end of the current season.

Thanks to his 122 goals and 18 assists in 171 Premier League games, the England captain averages just 97 minutes per goal or assist in the league.

#5. Robin van Persie – 96 minutes

Just like Didier Drogba, Robin van Persie is also one of the 14 players with over 100 goals and 50 assists in the Premier League.

The Dutchman has 144 goals and 53 assists which are the 12th and 31st highest in the league’s history respectively.

If Van Persie didn’t move to Manchester United in 2012, then he probably would have ended his Premier League career without a winners’ medal despite being involved in a goal every 96 minutes.

#4. Luis Suarez – 89 minutes

Luis Suarez was only a Liverpool player for three and a half seasons, and when he started out at the club, Liverpool was in one of their worst phases in the Premier League. However, the Uruguayan was a driving force for the Reds and he nearly won them the coveted Premier League title in 2013/14.

Suarez scored 69 goals and provided 23 assists in only 110 Premier League games for Liverpool. If he didn’t receive bans for biting, alleged racist remarks and for showing the finger to opposition fans, then Suarez could have had even better numbers.  

#3. Thierry Henry – 85 minutes

As things stand, Thierry Henry is the fifth highest goalscorer in the Premier League history and also the highest scoring foreigner with 175 goals. Henry is also the 11th highest all-time assist provider with 74 assists of which 20 were in the 2002/03 season which is the highest in an individual season.

The Arsenal legend who won two Premier League titles was sure to provide a goal or an assist almost every time he played a full game as he averaged 85 minutes per goal or assist.

#2. Sergio Aguero – 84 minutes

Narrowly beating Thierry Henry to the second spot is Sergio Aguero. The Manchester City superstar is the leading goal scorer among the current players in the Premier League with 153 goals.

His goals tally is currently the eighth best in the league’s all-time table but he could climb to sixth behind Henry by the end of this season. In addition, Aguero could beat Henry to become the Premier League’s highest-scoring foreigner if he stays at Man City for at least one more season.

The Argentine also has 40 assists in the 224 league games he has played which brings his minutes per goal or assist to only 84!

#1. Mohamed Salah – 77 minutes

On paper, Mohamed Salah has played in the Premier League for two and a half seasons now but his first year in England was with Chelsea and he rarely stepped on the pitch for the Blues. In fact, if it wasn’t for his Chelsea stint, Salah would have been higher up this list.

The Egyptian has 48 Premier League goals to his name of which 32 were scored in the 2017/18 seasons en route to breaking the record for most goals in a 38-game Premier League season. For Liverpool alone, he has 46 goals in 58 games.

The 26-year-old also has 18 assists to name which is a good tally for a player who played in only 71 league games and also has close to 50 goals. Nevertheless, Salah tops this list at the moment but it remains to be seen how long he can maintain such excellent numbers as the years go on.