Reports: Neymar calls mega club five times and ‘begs’ them to sign him from PSG

Neymar Jr. is not a happy camper at Paris St-Germain and has reportedly called Barcelona five times in an attempt to engineer a move that would see him return to Nou Camp.

El Mundo reports that the 26 year old Brazilian attacker is extremely unhappy at the French capital and that his father has been in constant contact with the powers that be at Barcelona in an attempt to broker a deal that will see him return to Spain.

Neymar’s unhappiness apparently stems from his feeling that there ‘is no project’ at PSG.

The Brazilian forward left Barcelona to join PSG in the summer of 2017 when his release clause of 222 million euros was met, and is paid a hefty sum of 40 million euros a year to ply his trade for the French giants.

However, sources close to the player indicate that his disaffection with the lack of direction or progress at PSG has been brewing from as early as last season, and that his father has even had private phone calls with Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu to ‘beg’ for his son’s return.

This is a new twist in the Barca – Neymar saga, with the duo already locked in a civil case that goes to hearing on January 31 to adjudicate on the matter of a renewal bonus that Neymar accuses Barcelona of not paying up.

Barcelona, on the other hand, claim that they were perfect within their rights to forgo the 26.7 million euro payment as he had already begun negotiations with PSG at the time.