Surfer braves 80-foot wave, breaks world record

This has to be seen to be believed. A Brazilian surfer has broken the world record for surfing a ridiculous 80-foot wave.

Rodrigo Koxa rode the wave in question back in November of last year at Nazare in Portugal.

His new world record was officially confirmed at the 2018 Big Wave Awards over the weekend.

The previous record was 78 feet — also at Nazare.

Koxa’s record-breaking feat was captured on film. Just watch this:

Koxa told that a dream he had the night before he surfed the wave helped him prepare for the task ahead.

“I had an amazing dream the night before,” he said. “Where I was talking to myself, ‘You gotta go straight down. You gotta go straight down.’ I didn’t really know what it meant. But I figured somebody was talking to me.”

The dream would turn out to be strangely prophetic, because when Koxa caught the wave, he recalled his own words as he found himself heading straight down the face of the water while it built behind him.

“I remembered my dream. I turned and I almost fell, but then I got my feet again and went super fast. I’ve never had a big wave like that where I didn’t use the rail at all. Just went straight down. It was amazing.”