Shiffrin unconcerned by records in dominant season

Dominant World Cup star Mikaela Shiffrin says she is “living the dream” this season, but is not too worried by breaking records.

Mikaela Shiffrin is enjoying her record-breaking season but insists her focus is not taken by the various milestones she is passing.

The American star has been in dominant form in FIS Alpine Skiing World Cup events this term, becoming an all-event winner, moving to fourth on the all-time victories list and then breaking the record for triumphs in a calendar year in 2018.

Shiffrin suffered a minor disappointment as she finished second in Oslo this week, but she was back on top of the podium as Snow Queen with a fifth slalom win of the campaign in Zagreb on Saturday.

Reflecting on her performances at the end of the weekend, Shiffrin acknowledged that it has been both fun and difficult to juggle multiple events and “live the dream” this year.

“Super happy with my skiing [in Zagreb],” Shiffrin wrote on her Facebook page. “This schedule is a bit tough, but it’s also easier when it’s just slalom, because I can focus on one discipline.


“It’s definitely a lot of races in a short amount of time, so after each race I have to refocus and recentre [sic] myself. Oslo was still a great race but, to be honest, I was a little disappointed with myself.

“Coming back to Zagreb, I was trying to refocus again and find the motivation to be really aggressive. With competing in all six disciplines, it’s just always a balance. But of course I love slalom, so it’s nice to have this tech run.

“This year has been more fun for me, because I appreciate the records but I don’t fixate on them. I guess it’s validation that I’m living the dream that I had when I was a a little girl.”