Gisin wants to ski in March despite losing memory in Val Gardena crash

Although a horrific crash less than three weeks ago left him in the intensive care unit, Marc Gisin wants to ski again by March.

Marc Gisin has lost a week from his memory following his Val Gardena crash but hopes to return to skiing in March.

The Swiss Olympian had to be airlifted to hospital following a high-speed accident in the FIS Alpine Skiing World Cup on December 15.

Gisin required a “long period of artificial respiration” due to multiple rib fractures and damage to his lungs, according to the Swiss Ski Team.

The 30-year-old, who also suffered damage to his hip and non-serious fractures to the spine, underwent surgery last week to stabilise his ribs.

He was moved from the intensive care unit at the Lucerne Cantonal Hospital to a regular ward last Friday.

In his first interview since the crash Gisin revealed he sustained memory loss, but he does not intend to let it stop him from getting back on the slopes.

“My condition has improved a lot in the last two days,” he told Blick.

“OK, a few teeth are broken, I can feel the injured lung, the broken ribs and the damaged pelvis, but I can walk around on crutches again.

“I can breathe, eat, drink and go to the toilet. Unfortunately, skiing is not working yet.

“I’m missing about a week of my life from my memory. I remember a test the before the crash and watching the super-G on TV with [fellow skier] Patrick Kung. It’s missing from then on.

“At the moment that [returning] is not an issue at all. Of course, this season has gone for me, but I hope I can start skiing again in March.”