PUBG Mobile: 6 things you should know if you are a beginner

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) Mobile is one of the most played games out there. The game has already crossed 100 million downloads and was recently awarded as the best mobile game of the year. If you haven’t tried the game yet this might be a good time to get started since Season 4 is about to begin. If you’ve already picked the game up then here are some tips that can help you to get started:

1) Assault Rifles are the handiest weapons

They can be used for both close quarters combat and from long range. It provides different firing modes which will let you play according to your preferred playstyle. Gun classes like the SMG and Sniper Rifles excel in one class but don’t do well in others, whereas Assault Rifles are versatile enough that even beginners will find success with them.

2) Bandages are as important as health packs

People usually avoid bandages due to their low value, but ignore the fact they can get you out of most tricky situations. Bandages also save you the trouble of actually having to use health packs. So whenever its possible, use bandages instead of health packs. This can be most useful when you need a quick heal in the middle of a gunfight.

3) You can change the level of your scope according to your needs

The 8x magnification can be reduced to 6x and 4x, whereas 6x can only be reduced to 4x. Scopes below 6x can’t be altered however. Use this knowledge to your advantage, as relying too much on one scope setting can mean that an enemy will slip from your view and attack you when you’re vulnerable. For the most part, use the 8x scope when you’re sure where the enemy is and want to take them down. Lower settings are better used to scout where they are beforehand.

4) One of the most important crucial parts of the game is constant motionĀ 

Whenever you stop to loot, constantly move back and forth so that your opponents have a hard time shooting you. If you stay still while looting you are an easy target for your enemies. This goes beyond looting too of course, even if you’re setting up camp in one location, don’t stay glued in one place. Always look out for an advantageous position as the map gets smaller and as you encounter more enemies.

5) Grenades are very explosive and very important

This is another thing which many players avoid. Grenades are great both on the offensive and defensive ends. Using grenades could be the difference between you dying or living. Instead of rushing inside a building where you can be ambushed by a hidden enemy, you can safely flush them out with a grenade or two. The game provides different kinds of grenades with each being useful in different situations, make the most out of them.

6) You can use multiple painkillers or energy drinks in combination for a better result!

Aside from healing, these consumables also give you a temporary boost which can be seen on the bar above the Health bar. If your boost is below 40% you get health regeneration, if your health is between 40% and 90% then you get an additional speed buff, and if your boost is above 90% you get less recoil on your weapons. Energy drinks give you a 40% boost while Painkillers boost you for 60%. Use these consumables not only for survival, but also to get the edge over your opponents.