PUBG Mobile Season 7 set to go live on May 17, Ranking Rush, Sandwich time and more

PUBG Mobile rolled out its latest update v0.12.5 a couple of hours ago. The previous season is ended yesterday and PUBG Mobile Season 7 is set to go live on May 17, 2019. 

The players can download the latest update in their game. This will enable them to collect new season awards included in the Inventory and Events that can be redeemed even before Season 7 officially goes live in the game.

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This Season boasts of Sandwiches as the collectable from the daily events. The players can redeem them easily in exchange for easy daily events such as logging in or killing 3 enemies. The daily events also allow you to collect RP and Paints which you can use to modify your character. Players can also collect multiple sandwiches by killing 15  or more people.

This season has also introduced ‘Ranking Rush’ which requires you to finish 3 to 5 matches in top 10 to collect one or more sandwiches. It is expected that the exact use of these collectables will be explained with the arrival of more updates. In the meantime, these sandwiches can be used to redeem BP crates, limited time outfits, RPs, Classic Coupon Scraps and Outfit Boxes.

Now that the game has enjoyed massive success in the last six seasons, it can only be expected that PUBG will continue to raise the stakes in open-for-all Battle Royale. Millions of players, including several celebrities, are looking forward to the surprises that the upcoming PUBG Mobile Season 7 which is expected to unveil exclusive items in the next 24 hours.