PUBG Mobile: 5 Hilarious voice chat moments recorded in the game

PUBG Mobile has managed to win a huge fan following on social media. Apart from following their favourite gamers on different platforms, a lot of players also spend time on the official pages and PUBG Esports TV.

The PUBG Esports TV is a hub of some of the most fantastic in-game videos you will ever see. From nail-biting action to jokes that will make you pity the players, it has them all.

They regularly update new content. One of the most popular categories includes several funny voice chat moments shared amongst the players in the game. PUBG allows the players to communicate with their team as well as everyone else in the game using the ‘Team’ and ‘All’ section respectively. Hence, some of the layers make the best of this opportunity and pull off unexpected conversations.

We have listed a few such videos here.

  1. Air Russia

Courtesy: ItsTheProphet

In this hilarious video, someone added a welcome message to greet everyone onboard. Titled as safety instructions coming from Air Russia, the voice asks everyone to be kind before they jump off the plane. However, the voice itself is not so kind right before signing off. No wonder, the rest of the players who could hear the voice could not stop laughing.

2. Shroud meets Gucci Gang

Courtesy: PUBG Clips

One of the best players in the world, Shroud also encountered several funny moments in the game. Amidst several videos, the one that got a lot of attention among the casual fans is his meeting with ‘Gucci Gang’ player. The other player was hiding in a hut and sang  ‘Gucci Gang’ in a meek voice.  That did make Shroud smile but the former wasn’t amused enough to let the other player survive.

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3. “You killed my buddy! I am very upset…”

Courtesy: PUBG TV

In one of the funniest compilations, the players are seen taking their deaths with a pinch of salt. However, there was a squad member who was visibly upset with the death of his friend. Needless to say, he launched an attack on the intended enemy but sadly got killed seconds after the encounter. “…Nevermind, I am going to die”. Skip to 0:55 for the exact clip and find yourself a friend like ‘mazion’.

4. “All you have to do is turn arou… “

Courtesy: Otzdarva

The above video includes several hilarious PUBG voice chat moments. But if you are looking for gold, skip to the 4:50 and wait for the most unexpected twist. The player goes on to explain how to use VSS for killing your enemies. Unfortunately, he meets a fate as unexpected as the last twenty minutes of any Game of Thrones Season 8 episode. Bonus content indeed!

5. Hello from the other side!

Courtesy: Litomatoma

Adele is one of the universally acclaimed music artists and the British singer has a massive fan following across the world. In this video, the players can be heard discussing their love towards Adele. The players even go on to say that she is UK’s mascot and viciously abandon those who don’t share the same interest. Clearly, Adele fever in PUBG Mobile is here to stay. Skip to 4:20 to enjoy the best of Adele Fan club in PUBG.