PUBG Mobile: 5 Daily Events you must unlock before Season 6 ends

PUBG Mobile Season 6 end date is upon us. This season introduced a lot of new events and exciting items over the course of several weeks. Now that PUBG Mobile Season 7 is set to roll out in the next few days, there are several daily events that you can easily unlock today. 

Season 6 combined all the featured maps in its daily events which makes it very easy to complete in a few games. Hence, even if you complete the required stint in the Arcade maps, you will still be eligible to redeem precious items. It is important to note that many of the items that the players can redeem today are available for a limited time period.

Hence, the faster you get your hands on them the better will be your chances of increasing the RP and BP in the game. Therefore, here are a few easy daily events that you can use to redeem exclusive items.

  1. Collect syringes by surviving in EveGround

Syringes are quite easy to obtain if you can manage to survive in a match for half an hour or more. If the players can survive for 30 minutes in any of the Evoground maps, they will receive 1 syringe. If you can manage to survive for fifty minutes, you can redeem three syringes.

Interestingly, this objective does not require to be completed in a single match. Hence, you can participate in multiple matches to increase the duration of your survival and easily collect this item. Syringes can later be used for redeeming other objects found in the events section.

2. Silver

The players can unlock silver under the events section if they manage to finish in the top 10 of three matches. Once again, it is not necessary that the match is played in the classic mode.

The players can complete this event by participating in solo, duo or squad mode. Once you have collected the silver, you can use it to buy items from the shop. This can be found under ‘Springtime: Ranking Attack’.

3. Parachute

Pubg Mobile offers a new blue parachute to the players who can reach level 15 in the Zombie Apocalypse challenge. The battles fought in the EvoGround maps help increase your EvoGround level which fetches rewards for limited time periods.

Killing zombies contribute majorly to the increase in rank. Hence, one can use the required weapons and strategically beat multiple zombie waves to acquire this parachute before it expires from the game.

4. Scarecrow Cover

Similar to the parachute, Scarecrow cover can be obtained by the players who have reached Level 25 in EvoGround. This exclusive item is also available for a limited time period.

Now that PUBG Mobile has introduced several weapons to beat the zombies, it is easier to get your hands on these rare items.

5. RP 100

Players can also manage to obtain RP 100 in order to boost their Royal Points. This can be collected under ‘EvoGround Gift Redemption’. Unlike the other items listed here, RP 100 cannot be obtained directly from the events.

Instead, the player needs to collect syringes and exchange them in order to receive RP 100. A total of 40 syringes are required to obtain this item which is available only for a few more days.