PUBG Mobile: 5 Most controversial incidents involving the game

PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile broke into the world gaming scene like wildfire. The popular Battleground game registered 7 Guinness World Records within a few months of its release. But they also had a fair share of disastrous headlines, screaming the cons of the game. 

While battleground games have existed for long before PUBG Mobile, the latter has enjoyed unique success amidst the fans. It definitely got millions of players hooked onto their mobile screens. But, it all came with a prize.

Many had doubts about the effects of playing PUBG on the mindsets of gamers. It was believed that the game causes violence and negligence towards responsibilities. That also led to the ban of PUBG in four Asian countries, either nationwide on in selective regions.

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While some players strived for the ‘Chicken Dinner’, others faced real-life consequences of the game. The controversies surrounding PUBG Mobile have led to extensive media coverage. However, the consequences were borne by the game which was dragged to the headlines in some of the most bizarre incidents recorded all across the globe.

Here are a few such instances.

  1. Woman stabs partner for playing ‘Too Much PUBG’

Courtesy: Alex Lovell’s Twitter account

In one of the most bizarre incidents that occurred in March 2018, a woman reportedly stabbed her partner for playing excessive PUBG. The Washington state resident purchased a Katana, (Japanese sword) and used it to stab her boyfriend while he was asleep.

The accused was later identified as Barber Emily Javier. She also went on to express her doubts about being cheated by her boyfriend. Javier was quoted saying, “Lovell (the victim) just sits at home all day playing video games and does not do anything to help.”

2. Teenager jumps to death in China after being influenced by PUBG

Courtesy: Jiangsu News

In one of the most saddening incidents, a 13-year-old boy jumped from the fourth floor after he was influenced by the game. After the accident occurred in August 2018, the victim’s mother went on to blame PUBG for the occurrence.

This incident received nationwide coverage and was quickly spread across the world via the internet. Soon, China went on to ban PUBG and Fortnite along with nine other sports. According to the reports, these games did not comply with China’s policies and regulations for video games.

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3. PUBG Mobile Role-Playing meets a horrific end

Courtesy: FossyBytes

According to the reports, a group of young men tried to mimic the game in real life. After they got their hand on a shotgun, they went ahead and started playing with it just like in the game. However, they were not aware that the gun was loaded.

One boy asked his friends to record a video while the others tried role playing with the shotgun.  While doing that, one of the boys accidentally shot their friend who was later identified as a 22-year-old male named Aso Azad Mohammed. Unfortunately, the victim couldn’t survive.

4. Fatwa against PUBG

In October 2018, Islamic authority figure Irfan Rasheed issued a Fatwa against PUBG Mobile. As the head of the fatwa committee in Kurdish city, he imposed a ban on PUBG Mobile stating that people are obsessed with the game.

It was declared that playing PUBG Mobile is ‘religiously prohibited’ because it is a ‘waste of time’. He was quoted saying, ‘Islam rules that wasting time for no reason is haram. This game falls in this framework and a mounting number of people in Kurdistan are obsessed with it, without it having a benefit for these people and those around them.

5. Russian teen stabs stranger to recreate a scene from PUBG

Courtesy: Daily Mail

According to Daily Mail, a fifteen-year-old Russian boy stalked and another student. The law-enforcement dealing with the case stated that the boy stabbed the 21-year-old victim to death because he wanted to play out a scenario from his favourite video game’. He also took 30,000 roubles.

When he was caught, the boy was playing PUBG in his bedroom. As soon as that was revealed, all hell broke loose in the local media. The boy was also quoted saying, “‘I did not intend to kill her, I was not going to. But a voice inside me told me what had to be done. I have always wanted to see when a person dies by your own hand.