PUBG’s replacement ‘Game For Peace’ takes Chinese market by storm

Tencent’s Game For Peace has already started dictating the Chinese gaming market within the first 24 hours of its release. As per the reports, the game was launched in China after PUBG was banned in the country. 

As per the reports, Game For Peace was the most downloaded free game within the first 24 hours of its release on China’s Apple Store. Moreover, the game garnered the attention of the economists who predicted a good future for this peaceful game.

It is expected that Game For Peace will generate revenue worth $1.48 billion, as estimated by China Renassaince analysts.

“With PUBG Mobile having around 70 million average daily active users in China now, we expect Game For Peace could potentially generate 8 billion yuan to 10 billion yuan ($1.18 billion to $1.48 billion) in annual revenue”, said the analysts.

In fact, Tencent witnessed their shares go up 2% as an almost immediate effect of Game For Peace’s release. Following a long wait to capitalise on PUBG, the game was banned earlier last year as it failed to adhere to the gaming policies in China.

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Hence, Tencent dropped a revamped version of PUBG titled as Game For Peace which is way more patriotic in its theme. This game features no bloodshed and is seemingly less violent than PUBG. The players are dubbed as ‘blue sky warriors that guard our country’s airspace’ to honour Chinese airforce. The objective of the game is to fight against the terrorists, exploring a more patriotic theme.

The game also doesn’t show any bloodshed when the enemies are shot. In fact, players have reported on Weibo that when the enemies are shot, ‘they don’t bleed and the dead get up and wave goodbye!’.

It is yet to be confirmed of Tencent will release the game worldwide and how it will affect the PUBG fanbase. But for now, they are enjoying a great amount of success in their target market.