PUBG Mobile Season 7 leaked details reveal major upcoming surprises

Tencent is all set to roll out the seventh season of the popular online game, PlayerUnknown Battleground. However, the PUBG Mobile Season 7 leaked details have revealed several changes that will be included in the newest update. 

The seventh season of PUBG is expected to arrive next week. The expiration time period listed next to several collectables in the inventory suggests the new update will arrive in the time frame mentioned above — possibly on May 16.

However, before they could officially disclose the new updates, PUBG Mobile Season 7 leaked details became the prime topic of discussion amidst the gaming community. A few hours ago, YouTube channel  Mr. Ghost Gaming uploaded a video which reportedly discussed the elements of the upcoming update including new weapons and skins.

You can watch the video here:

courtesy: Mr. Ghost Gaming

The upcoming update is reportedly going to boast new skins for weapons like AKM and Kar 98. It will also carry new skins for the different level helmets alongside an upgraded parachute. Additionally, the game will also introduce a new pistol called ‘Skorpion’ which will use 9mm ammo.

Similar to the last season, there will also be a new skin for the aeroplane which will be ‘black’ in colour. The aircraft is also expected to follow a different trail of flight in Season 7. The game is also rumoured to introduce companion pets for the players amidst several new surprise elements that may be seen next week. The players may also be awarded with newer medals with each level they cross.

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Additionally, the PUBG Mobile Season 7 leaked details also suggested that the update will adhere to the previous Royal Pass mission. The players can once again purchase the Royal Pass to win 100 RP. Upon reaching level 100, the players can choose ‘Urban Scavenger’ or ‘Assault Squad’ for their outfit.

These details are yet to be confirmed officially by Tencent. However, the leaked reports have opened the door to more speculations about the new surprised that PUBG Season 7 may behold.