PUBG Mobile Skorpion: Release date, ammo, attachments and damage

PUBG Mobile Skorpion: Release date, ammo, attachments and damage

After a long wait, PUBG Mobile Skorpion is finally expected to be introduced in the game. This new weapon will reportedly arrive in the battleground as a part of Season 7. Here’s all you need to know about Skorpion– the pistol that has kept the Internet talking for months.

As the name suggests, Skorpion is a small yet deadly weapon. It’s a machine pistol that uses 9MM ammo to operate. Similar to UZI, this pistol is extremely small in size but can be used for faster rounds of firing. It is one of the most anticipated weapons that are expected to arrive with the Season 7 update.

The firing capacity of Skorpion is estimated at 20 bullets in one round. However, with the help of standard extended magazine attachment, players can increase the capacity to 40 bullets round.

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Skorpion is very different from the rest of the pistols featured in the game. This pistol allows the players to switch between ‘Single’ and ‘Switch’ fire option. It also allows you to use grip, unlike others but does not support any of the quickdraw magazines. Its damage and damage per second have been recorded at 22 and 312 respectively, effective in a 50m range. Skorpion fires at the rate of 650 RPM.

PUBG Mobile Skorpion would work best for the gamers in a close range. With low-end scopes like the red dot or holographic scope, the players can use this weapon in close combats. However, it will not be the most feasible option if you engage in a long-range shooting battle.

It is expected that Skorpion will be included in all of the battle maps in PUBG. Stay tuned for latest updates.