PUBG Mobile: 4 Countries which banned the game

PUBG Mobile is enjoying an immense amount of success across the globe. However, the popular Battleground game was slapped with a ban in several countries. While some restricted the ban to a few places, others imposed a nationwide PUBG Mobile ban to stop people from participating in the seemingly violent matches. 

So far, the main reason cited behind the ban imposed on PUBG Mobile is the extreme addiction that causes young students to neglect their duties. Additionally, some cited that the use of weapons and strategies to take down enemies in the game is having a bad psychological effect on the players.

Ove the past few decades, several studies have been conducted to learn about the effects of video games that involve such gameplay. The research has shown that kids who spend time playing video games also develop a keen sense of strategy to counter the problems that lie ahead of them in day to day life. However, anything that extends beyond moderation tends to draw negative attention.

Thus, for this and many other reports that cited the popular Battle Royale game as the reason behind negligence, here are the four countries that got behind the PUBG Mobile Ban.

  1. India

Although India didn’t impose a nationwide ban on PUBG Mobile, two states witnessed the restriction being made on this game. The first place to ban PUBG was the Vellore Institute of Technology located in Tamil Nadu. The institution imposed a ban on playing PUBG Mobile inside the campus. This decision met with a lot of criticism from the students. However, the authorities believe that the game has been distracting students from their assigned work and continue with the ban.

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The second place to ban PUBG Mobile was Gujrat which is also the home state of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The Gujrat High Court ordered stated that playing this game in public would land the person behind the bars. In fact, Rajkot Police went as far as demanding Google to remove the PUBG Mobile app from their play store to stop the people from playing it anymore.

2. China

In 2018, it was reported that the Online Gaming Ethics Review Committee in China ran an assessment on twenty video games. Out of these, they went on to impose the ban on nine popular games which included PUBG and Fortnite.

The reason that was cited behind banning these Battleground games was the excessive amount of violence involved in the gameplay. The authorities believed that the blood and violence alongside weapons will trigger negative emotions in the players. They concluded that these aspects of the game are hampering with the discipline of the countrymen.

3. Nepal

The Nepal government recently imposed a nationwide ban on PUBG Mobile in April. The federal investigation agency stated that the game has lured many children into addiction who are avoiding their daily chores for the sake of ‘Chicken Dinner’. They also caused the Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) to order ISPs, mobile service providers and network service providers to block PUBG.

Two weeks after the ban, the Nepal Supreme Court intervened and ruled out the controversial PUBG Mobile ban. The decision was taken after several lawyers flocked to the court, seeking justice as they quoted every citizen’s right to use the Internet according to their free will.

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4. Iraq

Iraq got behind the PUBG Mobile ban around the same time as Nepal. The national government went on to ban PUBG Mobile and Fortnite across the country. The reason behind the ban read, “…due to the negative effects caused by some electronic games on the health, culture, and security of Iraqi society, including societal and moral threats to children and youth.”.

As per the reports, Moqtada al-Sadr,  who is a Shi’ite cleric and former head of the Mahdi Army militia that battled government and US-led occupation forces from 2004-2008, said, “What will you gain if you killed one or two people in PUBG? “

“It is not a game for intelligence or a military game that provides you with the correct way to fight”, he added.