Vibrant Eggs PUBG Mobile: Where are the Easter Eggs hidden and how to redeem awards?

PUBG Mobile’s latest update brought the Easter day celebration into the gameplay. There are two types of Easter Eggs –Normal and Vibrant Eggs, that you can find in the game and use them to obtain corresponding crates. 

The Vibrant Eggs are hidden all across the maps and the players can collect them while searching for supplies in the battleground. The newly added event in the game requires you to collect five such Eggs. Once you have five Vibrant Eggs, you can use them to exchange a crate under ‘Events’ that will help you gain more BPs.

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These Eggs are usually located inside the buildings in the most popular regions such as Pochinki in Erangel, Boot Camp in Sanhok and so on. However, it is possible for you to find Vibrant Eggs and remotely located buildings if you search every corner of it. The players can also find these Vibrant Eggs in the EvoGround Maps — ”Survive Till Dawn II’ and ‘ Zombie: Darkest Night”.

These Vibrant Eggs also help you in increasing your Battle Points tally in the game. This festive-inspired update will be included in the game for a limited time period. Thus, it is important that you collect as many Vibrant Eggs as you can in order to unlock more rewards. An easy hack for this is to collect at least one Vibrant Egg in each Classic Mode game you play.

There is also another type of Easter Eggs which are relatively easier to collect. They are rather plain eggs hidden behind the plants in the Spring Tab. You can select this background and then reach for the eggs covered by leaves. Once you collect all the Easter Eggs hidden in your PUBG Mobile background, you can exchange them in the ‘Events’ for exciting new rewards. Thus, ensure that you get your hands on a good number of Vibrant Eggs to help boost your performance.