PUBG Mobile update v0.12.0: 5 Brand new elements in the game

PUBG Mobile is undoubtedly one of the most played popular games in the recent. Needless to say, the growing fanbase was thrilled by PUBG Mobile update v0.12.0 which introduced a lost of fantastic elements in the Season 6 of the game. 

In this Spring edition, the players get to determine the background of the first screen. They can now choose ‘Spring’ display setting which is more colourful and current season-like in the introductory window of the game. Apart from the usual novelty in the crates and other collectives, this update granted the players with several new features that got the Internet talking.

In this article, we take a look at five of the most important features introduced in PUBG Mobile update v0.12.0.

  1. Spectator Mode

The latest update in PUBG now allows you to spectate your friend while they are in a different match. You can simply click on the small play icon displayed on the left side of the name of your game friends and you will be directly taken to the respective game. You can then spectate your friend throughout the match and even choose to help them via other modes of communication, if possible.

This feature will be helpful for all those who like to include the best players at their disposal in their respective clan and crew. With the latest advent of several challenges that grant Crew and Clan points to the individuals, it becomes important to be a member of a strong group. Secondly, it is helpful for the members to navigate their strategies if they wish to play at competitive platforms in the future.

2.  Zombie: Darkest Night

A new event mode, Zombie: Darkest Night, is all about surviving in a challenging night where you will be up against a hoard of zombies. You can play this match both in single and multiplayer mode, although it is advisable to play in the squad mode for better strategies and more excitement.

The objective is to survive until the darkest night ends, killing zombies who attack in waves. After the first attack by the zombies which includes mostly weaker zombies, the players are set up to face stronger zombies that are more difficult to kill.

3. New Weapons – RPG-7 and grenades for Zombies

Weapons have experienced constant upgrade with each of the updates in the game. In PUBG Mobile update v0.12.0, you can find RPG-7 helpful in your combat against the zombies. A missile launcher, this weapon will help you kill all the surrounding zombies and will leave you with enough time to prepare before the next set of zombies come looking for you. However, RPG-7 takes a while to load after the missile has been launched which can expose you to the threats posed by the zombies who can attack you in the meanwhile.

Additionally, players can now use the stun grenades to stun the zombies as well which can turn out in your favour if you or your squad can take down multiple zombies while they are frozen. Similarly, the zombie grenade also helps you slow down the army that’s coming onto you and the effect lasts longer than before.

4. New Zombies

So far, we have seen several types of Zombies in the game including the rare — Tyrants alongside the butchers, the lickers and the spitters. The major part of the Zombie army, however, included police or normal zombies which were easier to kill. In this PUBG Mobile update v0.12.0, the game now features Dogs which are jumping Zombies. The most challenging part of countering the attacks by dog zombies is by practising how to aim at a moving target.

An added feature favouring the zombies now allows them to leap over the walls and climb on top of the roofs if the building is not high. Thereby, one can now be attacked by the zombies even if they seek shelter inside a house that is single-storied.

5. Achievements and rewards

The introduction of a new mode in EvoGround also compelled PUBG Mobile update v0.12.0 to introduce new achievements for the players. They now include several titles that can be claimed after performing a series f tasks in the EvoGround which features both the Zombie gaming modes.

‘A step too far’ determines the amount of distance covered by the players while being chased by the monsters and quotes the highest distance covered at 20,000 metres. ‘Alive at Dawn’ and ‘until Dawn’ are two Honour achievements which can be completed while battling against the zombies. These can be completed by winning twenty matches each in Zombie: Darkest Hour and Zombie: Survive Till Dawn II respectively.

EvoGround, which replaced the event mode, boasts of its own levels in the game which increases with each game you play in the gameplay. If you happen to take your EvoLevel at 60, you will unlock the achievement ‘Never Ending’. Similarly, if your ‘Companion’ level reaches over 7, you can unlock ‘best Companion’. You can also try reaching 2000 in ‘Popularity’ to become the ultimate ‘ Superstar’.