PUBG Mobile: How to survive Zombie: Darkest Night, new weapons and strategy

The Zombie Darkest Night is the latest gameplay introduced in PUBG Mobile after the latest update v0.12.0 that also several other features. In this new mode, the players are introduced to a new exciting event with an improved course of the battle. 

Unlike ‘Zombie – Survive till Dawn’, the Darkest Night pans over a single, long night in which the players are required to survive for as long as they can. What makes it even more distinguished is the fact that it also includes a toxic gas in the environment which forces the players to seek a comfortable shelter inside one of the houses in order to gear up for their fight against the rising dead.

This release of toxic gas in the environment also starts surrounding your screen with the more time you spend outside once the timer indicating the set of Zombie Apocalypse sets off. Not only does it block your vision, but it also starts to reduce your health which can get you knocked out before you meet your other teammates.

In this article, we will discuss everything about this brand new event and what sets it apart from the existing types of matches that we have already seen in PUBG Mobile.


The waiting part in Zombie Darkest Night is different from anything that we have seen before. In this event, the teams are separated from each other and are located all across the map surrounded by the blue zone. There is only one team in each enclosed space which later sees the blue zone disappear as soon as the match starts. Ideally, the players are located near houses as the primary objective of the match is to survive against the zombies, and not the other players.

Hunting for supplies

A stated earlier, the payers are strategically located near houses to allow them to collect weapons and other essential supplies soon after the match starts. The key here is to remain together if you are playing as a part of the team.

In most cases, the buildings have an abundance of supplies that can be collected before the impending battle against the zombies begins. It is important to note that you must collect enough ammo to kill the first round of zombies. Once you kill the zombies initially, there will be an abundance of weapons and ammo lying around which the zombies leave after they are killed.

Are there new zombies?

Yes, there are. We are all aware of the different types of Zombies including the Tyrant, the licker, the Spitter, the Riot Shield Zombie and the Butchers which are accompanied by the normal or the police zombies. However, this update has introduced a new set of ‘Jumping Zombies’ in Dogs.

There are now several dogs included in the hoard of zombies that will come after you. They are easy to kill if you can fathom the quickness in their movement and shoot them accordingly. The challenge lies in being able to aim correctly at the zombie dogs while trying to kill them owing to their constant movement in the frame.

Another added advantage for the zombies is that some of them can climb low-level walls while they are chasing you. They can also get to the top of the roofs while attacking you so you must ensure that you take shelter in a two-storeyed building with no terrace on the first floor.

New weapons – missiles, grenades and more

If you are up against an army of Zombies, there is nothing better than relying on a missile. RPG 7, a missile launcher, must be your go-to the weapon while playing Zombie: Darkest Nigh. It allows you too kill all the surrounding zombies with one missile and gives you enough time to prepare yourself before you are attacked again.

The only downside to this weapon is that it takes a lot of time to load during which you may be attacked by the zombies. The key to using this missile lies in a strategy that preferably involves your other teammates as it may not be the most feasible weapon while playing alone. Your squad members can cover for you when you shoot the missile.

Additionally, the stun grenades can now also be used to stun the zombies around you while allowing you to kill them as many as they can while the effect lasts.

With the latest update, your health will now automatically improve as you kill more zombies and they will also stop attacking you if you are knocked out.

If you want to survive in the game, you must collect as many supplies as you can and enter a building with your squad (in multiplayer mode). If you stick together you will have higher chances of surviving and preferably one member of the squad can use the missiles to get rid of the zombies after regular intervals.