PUBG Mobile: What is EvoGround and how can you survive in the new Zombie Apocalypse?

PUBG Mobile’s latest update v0.12.0 rolled out in the third week of April 2019 and one of the newest features that accompanied the update was the introduction of EvoGround. The PUBG Mobile EvoGround replaced the event mode in the game and now boasts of two different types of matches features the Zombies. 

The concept behind introducing EvoGround was to accumulate the immensely popular Zombie mode and develop them into stand-alone modes in the mobile game. The existing gameplay has now been developed into ‘Zombie: Survive till Dawn II’ wherein multiple bonus Effects have been introduced.

In addition to that, PUBG Mobile has introduced a new type of gameplay under PUBG Mobile EvoGround titled as the ‘Darkest Night’. The game revolves around a single night wherein you have to defend yourself from the zombies and survive until the morning.

A major difference in this mode is that the players are put in different locations all over the map during the waiting time. The lobby, as the setting is commonly known, is your location surrounded by the blue zone that opens as soon as the match starts. The players then have to run to the nearby houses to pick up as many supplies as they can before the zombies start storming in.

What makes this gameplay different from ‘Survive till dawn’ is that the players have to seek shelter in the buildings before the timer starts indicating the rise of the dead.  It’s because this EvoGround gameplay has the surroundings infiltrated by toxic gas that starts clamping on your screen, making it difficult for you to see anything on the screen as well as viciously decreasing your health. Hence, it is advisable to enter a house before the Zombies start following you.

PUBG Mobile EvoGround has also introduced new effects that are common for both types of Zombie matches. The principal one being that with this update, your health will now keep increasing as you kill more and more zombies. Earlier, one had to restore their health using Med kits and bandages amidst the fight with the zombies in order to undo the damage caused by the latter. This unwanted break from the bout would also give the zombies an upper hand as they could continue to attack you while you were recovering your health, thereby possibly knocking you out.

Needless to say, it is an amazing feature to include primarily because it indeed gets difficult for players to use health supplies while moving. More often than not, players would get knocked out in an attempt to revive their fellow teammate. However, now that your health will keep recovering as you kill zombies, it will be up to the players to strategise and orchestrate their counterattack against the zombies accordingly.

Another important feature in PUBG Mobile EvoGround is the introduction of ‘Shell shock’. Stressing on the previously mentioned point, it used to be difficult to bring back the players who have been knocked down. The zombies would continue to attack the knocked down players as well the ones who would try to recover their teammate. Secondly, it was easier to defeat the zombies if the players would move around a lot, eventually resulting in the players being too far away from each other to provide immediate backup.

That, however, is about to change in the updated version as now if you get knocked out while fighting against the zombies, they will stop attacking you.

All the zombies nearby are stunned and rendered for a short while which will allow enough time for reviving a teammate and recovering health. The players can also kill as many zombies as they can while they remain immobile. Although it seems to be a great feature in your advantage, you must be careful as it is triggered only once per match.

This Zombie gameplay also allows for ‘Armour of Change’ which means that the players can recover their vests after killing a zombie. The attack from zombies consistently decrease your health bar and a brief period of time to keep fixing your vest will help you survive longer.