PUBG Ban in India: Rakjot police asks Google to take down the gaming app

After the recent ban of Tiktok, Rajkot police wrote to Google and demanded the gaming app to be disabled. Several reports claim that more than ten arrests have been in the Indian city for playing the game in public. 

Following a state-wide ban on PUBG that was issued in March 2019, the administration has been extremely strict about playing the game in public. The ban was imposed because the authorities believe that Battleground gameplay provokes violence.

However, the police department in the city of Rajkot extended their concern to Google and demanded them to take down the app, ‘PUBG Mobile’ from the playstore. This action was taken soon after the Indian Supreme Court banned the popular app, Tiktok. As a result, the app was taken down from both Google and Apple Playstore.

Interestingly, Rajkot was the first city in Gujrat to ban PUBG. The police believe that the game has objectionable content and is the reason behind the recent complaints about violence amongst the youngsters. Manoj Agarwal, IPS and Commissioner of Police Rajkot City, was quotes saying, “The youngsters were caught violating the notification and so legal action was taken against them. They were immediately bailed out and now courts will take a call on the matter.”

The High Court has consistently supported the ba and even rejected a PIL recently that challenged the ban claiming it to be a breach of an individual’s freedom.

Whether Google will oblige to this demand remains uncertain as ther have been no official statements issued with respect to the letter sent by the Rajkot police. Stay tuned for more updates on PUBG Mobile ban in India.