PUBG Mobile taken down for maintenance, new updates announced

PUBG Mobile will be taken down for a few hours on April 16, 2019 for maintenance. The notice displayed at the beginning of the game promised a lot of new updates that are on their way in the game’s sixth season.

The New update will introduce EvoGround which will be a common categorical feature in all the new modes. In an update that has been awaited for long, PUBG Mobile will finally feature the new battleground.

Another exciting feature is the ‘Darkest Night’ in which you will require to stay alive for one complete night whilst fighting zombies.

In addition to new weapons, monsters and systems, the difficulty level will be tuned up for the players who will also be able to customise the spectator settings ahead of the game. Another interesting update for those players who love to dress their gimmicks during combat will now be allowed to interchange their portable closet on the battleground.

One of the most awaited features is the inclusion of the Spring theme and a new Treasure event that has us excited for the new version.

You can download the newest version of PUBG Mobile starting April 17. For those who update their app before April 23, 2019, you will also receive an Outfit Box (III) which will carry the items with a 7-day lasting period. You can get few extra BPs –1,888 to be precise – if you update your game within one week of the release of the new update.

Stay tuned for latest updates related to PUBG.