PUBG: A survival guide for Vikendi

Even if PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) has been out for quite a while now, more and more new players are still getting into the game. If you are one of those beginners, or someone looking for a bit of a refresher, read on for our survival guides for the different PUBG maps. This time we take a look at the latest map to be added to the game, Vikendi.

Vikendi, being the latest addition to PUBG as well as its first snow map, has garnered quite some popularity. It is significantly different from the past maps and it brings some new mechanics to the game.

Vikendi is sort of a mixture of the previous maps. You can either be pretty aggressive in this map or just play passively and look for snipes. It is a 6×6 map so it’s somewhere in the middle in terms of size among the four maps.

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You can jump pretty much anywhere in Vikendi for the initial loot. The map is smaller than Erangel and Miramar so it shouldn’t be any trouble moving towards the playzone if needed. A vehicle isn’t a necessity either so it really just depends upon your situation. One thing to note is that vehicles tend to slip in the icy areas of the map especially if you try to speed up. There is a map-exclusive snowmobile which runs fine on the icy surface that you can use, however it is only a two-seater.

Due to heavy snow layering in the general paths, you can see the footsteps of anyone walking through it. Keep an eye out for these tracks as it can be a great help in pinpointing enemies.

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The smoke grenade spawn rate is very high in Vikendi, mainly due it being a great weapon for camouflage. Make sure to have at least one of it on you in case you need some quick cover.

Vikendi also replaced the SCAR-L with a map exclusive weapon, the G36c. Similar to the SCAR-L, it takes 5.56mm and can hold up to 30 bullets, which can be further upgraded to 40. It is a decent weapon and can be a great asset if you can control its recoil. If you want an easier gun to control, then go with the m416.