PUBG: Footsteps are now somehow louder

An update to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) has made a small change that may have far bigger effects than first expected. For some reason, footsteps in the game can be heard much easier than before.

PUBG YouTuber WackyJacky noticed that the sounds of footsteps in the game has changed since the Vikendi Map was released, and he posted a video of his findings on the PUBG subreddit.

In his tests, WackyJacky tried all modes of movement in the game on different kinds of terrain. He also had another player listen in on the sounds his movements would make while stationary and while trying all modes of movement.

According to his results, the range at which a player running and sprinting becomes audible has been increased to nearly 60 meters. This makes player movement significantly noisier and easier to detect for opponents.

After comparing the results of that test to an earlier one conducted in March 2018, WackyJacky also found the audible ranges were increased for other modes of movement. Sprints and standing runs have become especially louder, now audible from up to 56 meters away compared to 40 meters from WackyJacky’s previous results.

It is unclear why PUBG’s developers added this change, or if they even meant to at all. But the changes obviously makes sneaking up on enemies harder and stealth-based strategies much less viable.

So if you noticed that your opponents in PUBG may have noticed you when they shouldn’t have, chances are it’s because of the above changes. Having more audible footsteps will be something that players have to adapt to now.