PUBG Mobile: Monster Hunting to come in Chinese New Year update

Another new game mode is reportedly on its way to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) Mobile, as a ‘Monster Hunting’ mode will apparently come with an update to the game for the upcoming Chinese New Year.

The new mode came with the PUBG Mobile 0.13.0 update that is currently in beta and being tested out by players on the Chinese servers. It will introduce Chinese New Year-themed locations that will be the setting for apparent monster hunts, as players will get to hunt down a host of mythical creature-looking monsters for loot. To encounter these monsters, players first need to activate statues placed around the map.

PUBG Mobile YouTuber Rey LAGARTO released a footage of the mode in action, check it out below:


Unfortunately, it seems that the mode will only be playable on the Chinese servers. But if it ends up being very popular with Chinese players and there is enough demand from the community, PUBG Corp. just might release it for everyone.

While players outside of China may not end up hunting monsters in PUBG, they can shoot down hordes of zombies instead. A ‘zombie mode’ is rumored to come with the next update to PUBG Mobile, with signs pointing toward that fact sighted around Erangel.

That update, which is rumored to go live some time between January 18 to 20, will also introduce new weapons, vehicles, and a slew of other additions to the game.