PUBG: Leak reveals canted sights may come to the game in the future 

A possible leak that shows how canted sights may work in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) was posted in the game’s official subreddit, hinting at more improvements to PUBG’s gun customization system.

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The canted sights feature showcased in the video allows players to attach two varieties of scope to the same rifle at the same time. For example, players can equip a main scope tuned for long-range combat and then use a canted sight to lean to a shorter-range one.

The way it seems to be implemented in PUBG is through a strange type of lean that zooms in on the side of the firearm, as shown in the clip above. That lean will give players access to a secondary scope.

Canted sights have been teased by PUBG’s developers before, most notably in the trailer for the game’s latest map, Vikendi.

With that said, it’s possible that this potential leak might not be entirely accurate. The lean into the canted sight was triggered as a glitch, so it could just be a bug that somehow momentarily brought the player’s perspective into a spectator view that had enhanced camera angles.

If canted sights are indeed coming to PUBG, we can expect it, or at least a beta version of it, to be implemented in the coming weeks. There have been rumors that an update to the game’s mobile version that includes a ‘zombie mode’ is on its way. The update that implements canted sights could very well come with that.