PUBG Mobile: Comparing the game’s four maps 

Much of the gameplay in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) Mobile revolves around which of the game’s four maps you are playing in. Each map has different characteristics, which leads players to adopt a certain playstyle whenever they play in that map. Read on to see how Miramar, Erangel, Sanhok, and Vikendi stack up against one another:

Overhead view of Miramar.


Miramar and Erangel are the two biggest maps in the game, with both being 8×8 km in size. However, Miramar gives players more room to work with as 80% of the map is playable on land. In comparison, Erangel has a lot more water areas which make up almost 50% of the map. The two are also fairly covered by foliage such as grass, trees, and shrubs, with around 30% of both maps covered.

The newly-released Vikendi map is 6×6 km in size, but is almost 60% water. This is due to the map actually being comprised of three islands separated by rivers. The big percentage of water areas aren’t as constricting as one might think, as most of it is frozen over. Vikendi is also the most sparsely covered map in terms of foliage, with less than 7% of its area populated by grass, shrubs, and trees.

Lastly, Sanhok is the smallest map in size at only 4×4 km. Over 50% of the map is covered in water and it also sports the densest foliage out of all four maps, with 43% of it covered. It makes sense, as Sanhok is a swamp-jungle hybrid area.

Overhead view of Erangel.


Miramar is by far the best map in terms of loot, with 43,343 total loot spawns. Because of the sheer abundance of loot in general there, Miramar also sports the most weapon spawns at 7,929.

Vikendi comes in at second place with 28,614 total loot spawns, with a sizable chunk of 5,443 spawns being weapons (mostly SMGs).

Erangel doesn’t have a lot of loot for its size, with only 24,058 total loot spawns. 4,689 of those spawns will give players weapons.

While Sanhok has the lowest number of total spawns at 13,889, it has the biggest percentage of weapon spawns compared to other maps. The map gives a total of 4,546 weapon spawns, around 32% of the total loot compared to the 18-19% found in other maps.

Overhead view of Vikendi.


Erangel has the most vehicle spawns out of all maps at 633. However, the map itself isn’t exactly vehicle friendly as only 4% of the map is covered by roads. This means that you’ll most likely be driving off-road in Erangel most of the time, not exactly appealing if you are not one for bumpy rides.

Miramar, meanwhile, spawns 452 total vehicles and has the second-best road coverage at 6.92%.

Sanhok boasts the best road coverage out of all maps with 7.27%, which makes sense considering that players are obliged to follow the winding roads that cut through the map’s swamps and jungles unless they want to get lost. However, it has the lowest number of vehicle spawns at only 198.

Finally, Vikendi does not have any road coverage per se due to the fact that snow buries pretty much all of it. It has the second-highest total of vehicle spawns at 336, which includes snowmobiles that are perfect for traveling through the snowy terrain.

Overhead view of Sanhok.


Since Miramar and Erangel are the two biggest maps in the game, players often take it slow when playing in these maps. The relative abundance of loot there also encourages them to explore and gear up first before actively engaging in combat, especially in Miramar.

The polar opposite applies for Sanhok, as the map’s small size makes for fast-paced matches. The map’s jungle-swamp hybrid theme also puts players on their toes, as enemies can be hidden almost everywhere. The big percentage of weapons in loot spawns in the map also helps in pushing players towards the action quickly.

Lastly, Vikendi strikes a balance between the fast-paced action of Sanhok and the gradual progression of conflicts on Miramar and Erangel. Players will have to choose between striking out early or digging in the snow, as the newest map pushes the theme of the ‘hunter becomes the hunted.’

(Images courtesy of PUBG Corp.)