Evil Geniuses will let go of its PUBG roster

Evil Geniuses (EG), one of the oldest and most successful North American esports organizations, has announced that it will let go of its PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) roster at the end of 2018.

The organization announced their decision through a statement posted on their Facebook page, which indicated that EG has no plans to renew its contract with its PUBG roster, which expire at the end of this year.

It seems that EG has no plans to pick up a new roster for PUBG any time soon but that they “will continue to keep an eye on [PUBG] for the opportunity to re-enter it if the circumstances are right.”

Before the organization announced their decision, the EG PUBG roster fielded Cole “Gnomey” Garton, Austin “zWattz” Watts, Mike “decipLe” Baker, and Wolfgang “Wolf” Braun.

This now marks the second time that a North American esports organization has dropped its PUBG squad, as Optic Gaming did so as well earlier this month.

While EG has not disclosed its reasoning for not renewing its contracts with its PUBG squad, Optic cited doubts over PUBG’s future as an esport as the reason why they released theirs.

This has dealt a heavy blow to PUBG esports in North America, as it has now lost the participation of two of the biggest organizations in the region before the start of the National PUBG League (NPL) next year.