Overwatch Contenders team breaks trophy shortly after winning it

What was supposed to be a triumphant moment for the winning team of the South Korean Overwatch Contenders Season 3 Finals took a turn for the hilarious when they broke the trophy while they were trying to raise it for a photo op.

After RunAway defeated Element Mystic to become the Season 3 champions of the South Korean Overwatch Contenders, the team triumphantly headed to the center of the stage to claim the trophy. As the whole team got their hands on the trophy to lift it up for the championship photo op, the handle suddenly split off.

A hilariously awkward situation ensued as the team tried to fix the trophy in the middle of the awards ceremony. Credit to the announcer as well for not being thrown off from what he was saying by the gaffe onstage.

This embarrassing awards ceremony aside, RunAway has been on a tear in the Overwatch Contenders. The team has taken home the championship the past two seasons (the first trophy didn’t break, thankfully) with two different rosters.

After winning South Korea’s Contenders Season 2, the entire roster was bought out to become the Overwatch League’s Vancouver expansion team, the Vancouver Titans. RunAway then signed six new players to win Season 3 and a busted trophy. At least the team won’t have to worry about a similar situation unfolding in the main Overwatch League.

(Credit to the Twitch Fails YouTube channel for the video)