NBA 2K League reveals details for the 2019 Combine and Draft

The NBA 2K League has announced the details for the league’s upcoming Combine in December, which will be the second stage for players to take part in the 2019 NBA 2K League Draft.

While the exact dates for the Combine have yet to be announced the league has already detailed the requirements needed to join. Players must first have completed the November qualifiers and complete a set amount of games in one position. Players from America and Europe need a minimum of 40 games played while everyone else from other regions need only 30 games.

The Combine games will be in a 5-on-5 format with players using the different player archetypes sanctioned by the league with the same skill level at 90 2K MyPlayer rating. Each participant in the Combine will be playing against 9 other participants in 6-minute-per-quarter games.

An evaluation process following the Combine will narrow down the participating players to the batch of at least 150 new players eligible for the 2019 2K League Draft. A quantitative evaluation of the players’ basketball and 2K IQs as well as their prerequisite audio submissions will determine the Top 200 players.

The batch of new players will also be joined by players who already competed in the league during the inaugural season. They would be the ones who were not protected by their original teams during the expansion draft but still met the requirements in the Combine.

For more information on the NBA 2K League Combine and 2019 Draft, read the league’s official post here.