NBA Live 19 Flopped Again – Here’s Why

NBA Live 19 promised a lot of things that some said would blow off the dominant run of the NBA 2k series. With its release last month, It still remains in the shadow of 2K Sports’ NBA 2k19. The rivalry might now be settled this year with 2K still dominating the charts.

What happened to this year’s NBA Live and what made it somewhat inferior to its rival once again?

Going Back

There was a time when EA Sports dominated the video game sports genre. They maintained solid ground, selling millions of copies while 2K was in the backseat. It was in NBA Live 2008 that EA games delivered a lackluster experience to its fans. Some stayed while others immediately switched to the competitor, NBA 2K.

This year alone had caused the downward spiral of the franchise. It was too late when EA games tried to bounce back with NBA Live 09 and 10, 2K was already starting to dominate the basketball genre.

The cancellation of NBA 12 and 13 didn’t help at all with EA’s chances of redeeming their forgotten fame. When they returned back with NBA Live 14, the NBA 2K was already had already perfected the genre and captured the hearts of many basketball fans.

Redemption Year?

After six years of failing to deliver, this year’s NBA Live showed promise with the release of NBA Live 19. It showed a lot of potential. From the improved graphics and controls up to the inclusion of female players in street ball and Pro-Am games, the game looks to be a huge threat to the its rival.

When the game was released, many noticed the improved controls and fluid movements of the players. However, occasional glitches were still present that somewhat destroyed the overall experience. Some players also complained of the clunky movements of the players, but most are satisfied with the drastic improvement.

Was it a bad game? No. On the other hand, it still was not enough to overpass the 2k franchise in terms of community. According to Sullygnome, a website that tracks the viewership count in, there were 29 average viewers in NBA Live 19 compared to NBA 2K’s 5,000 average viewers over the past month.

Most YouTube gamers have also stayed with playing NBA 2K. Still making it one of the most watched basketball content in the website despite the stellar marketing of EA Sports before the release of the game. Building a community of dedicated players will make or break these types of games. In the case of NBA Live 19, they failed to make the cut once again.

At the end of the day, EA Games have showed signs of improvement that might be enough to attract a solid fanbase. The franchise is still fighting back really hard to break even with 2K Sports in the basketball genre, but we can never discount the fact that they might make a comeback real soon.