LoL: All the action from Day 2 of All Star 2018

Worlds 2018 is over and it’s finally time to blow off some steam. League of Legends All Star 2018, which is happening in North America this year, has come. Here are the major events from day 2:

Pro-Am Nexus Blitz mode

The game mode is as complex as it can get, as there are multiple small modes in a single game. No doubt, Nexus Blitz is a crazy action-packed mode. Both the teams featured some popular players like Caps, Peanut and Sneaky etc. It was back and forth from the beginning with the blue team opting for a team fight comp while red team going for a more solo style champs.

There were some moments when the blue team comp showed their potential with champions like Kennen, Malphite, and Amumu combining their ultimates for a huge cleanup. However, the red team was very much in the lead and eventually won the game.

1 vs 1 showdown

1 vs 1 is always very fun to watch. However, the event can get really serious pretty quickly with each player trying their best to win the game. Today’s notable matches featured players like Doublelift, Uzi, and Faker etc. Doublelift, of course, had to face brTT, the same player who had knocked him out 2 times in a row in previous year All Star events. The match was pretty tense with brTT claiming prematch that he will repeat history again, however, Doublelift finally defeated his Kryptonite as he rolled over brTT. Meanwhile, Faker and Uzi convincingly won their respective matches as expected.

North America redeems itself on the international stage

North America has always struggled on the international stage whether its in Worlds or All Star. The pair of Doublelift and Voybody (Doubleboy) faced the South Korean pair of Captain Jack and Faker (Captain Faker) in the finals of the 2vs2 event. Both sides went for the same combination of Thresh and Alistair. The South Korean duo managed to gain some cs advantage at the beginning of the game, however, a crazy all-in play went heavily in favor of the North American duo and they eventually marched towards victory.

Stay tuned for all the happenings from Day 3.