LoL: All the action from day 1 of All Star 2018

Worlds 2018 is over and it’s finally time to blow off some steam. League of Legends All Star 2018, which is happening in North America this year, has come. Here are the major events from Day 1:

Faker back on the international stage

One of the greatest players of all time failed to make it to Worlds in Season 8 after a disappointing season by SKT T1. Many fans missed his presence on the big stage, but now he is back in the international stage as a representative of LCK in the All-Star event. He paired up with the very popular and former league player Captain jack in the 2v2 game mode as they faced Yoda and BRTT from Brazil. Faker pulled out a shocking Alistair pick, though he already hinted that he was going to pick it before the event. Capt Jack went for Lucian and the pair barely managed to pull out a victory.

Faker also participated in the 1v1 tournament and had to face Artifact. He picked up Oriana and unlike the 2v2 tournament, he won it pretty convincingly this time.

Tandem mode hodgepodge

Tandem mode is a game mode which is similar to the normal game mode, two teams will fight to destroy the other team’s nexus. However, unlike the normal game mode, the Tandem mode features 10 players instead of 5. Each team will have 5 pairs of players where each pair will be assigned to a specific role. One player will control the mouse while the other will control the keyboard.

The game, as confusing as it sounds, was a treat to watch. Both the teams had notable players on it in no particular order. Blue team went to a flying start with mlxDiamond (Mlxg and Diamondprox) going legendary on Hecarim. The pair literally were controlling the whole map and were 7/1 at one point. However a determined team Blue fought back as they claimed the victory despite going down heavily in the early game. Jizooke were incredibly fed on Karthus as the pair ended the game with a KDA of 14/7/15.


Everybody loves URF and when pro players play this crazy game mode it’s really something else. There was action right from the beginning of the game even before the minions spawned. Everybody was just spamming their abilities as hard as they could. Despite that Blue team had the clear upper hand from the beginning as they easily won the game (mainly due to a superior draft). Keep in mind that it was all random so players didn’t have the option to pick any specific champ. Nevertheless, it was fun to watch players like Uzi, Bang, and Broxxah have some fun on the Rift.

Overall day 1 was a totally fun show with tons of events taking place (Streamers showdown, NA VS EU, and 1v1, etc.). Bang and Sneaky pulled out the Xayah/Rakan cosplay and honestly it was fantastic.

Stay tuned for all the happenings from Day 2.