League of Legends: LCK player transfer rundown

The League of Legends offseason is well and truly here as major transfer rumors have already come out of the LCK. Here’s our rundown of the biggest ones:

Via Gen.G Esports

Gen.G Esports’ veteran duo of mid laner Crown and Jungler Ambition have been released by the team. They were part of the runner-up team in Worlds 2016 and the winners the year after. However, a poor showing in 2018 might be the reason for their departure. Currently, there is no indication where they are going but it looks like they have to go down a tier in search of a team. Ambition has been a long-standing member of the League scene. A move to LPL could more likely be possible since it’s the common trend. Crown can still put in a good shift and a team like Afreeca Freecs might wanna pick him up since their contract with Kuro is expiring.

Via Jhin Air

Rumors have also come from South Korea that Teddy, the former AD Carry for Jhin Air, will be joining SKT T1 Telecom. Teddy was the only bright spot in the struggling Jhin Air team. Everyone expected him to join a top team this split after that and it seems like it might be happening.

This could mean that Bang will be leaving SKT T1 Telecom even though he had a decent run in 2018. It’s highly unlikely that he will share time with Teddy in the bot lane.

Via KT Rolster

It has also been confirmed that Mata has left KT Rolster and is a free agent now. The superstar support spent the past two years with KT Rolster after coming from China. It looks like KT Rolster is finally looking to change their roster with Mata’s departure. Rumors have it that only Smeb and Score are being retained by KT Rolster. This would be interesting since there aren’t that many top caliber players available in the market. They could look for a sidegrade but a proper upgrade on players like Mata will be almost impossible to find.