Ambition and Crown become free agents after their contracts with Gen.G expire

Gen.G Esports’ jungler and team captain Kang “Ambition” Chan-yong along with midlaner Lee “Crown” Min-ho are now free agents after their contracts with their organization have expired. 

The two were crucial during the team’s run to win the 2017 League of Legends World Championship over SK Telecom 1, back when it was still under the name Samsung Galaxy. The organization was rebranded into Gen.G Esports back in May this year.

Despite being the defending champions of the Summoner’s Cup however, Gen.G went out early in this year’s iteration of Worlds after the team had an abysmal 1-5 showing in the Group Stage to finish 13th-16th.

Ambition and Crown have both been with the team since 2015. Ambition is a long-time veteran of the competitive LoL scene as he has been playing since Season 1. Meanwhile, Crown had been competing in Brazil prior to joining the LCK with the team, reasoning that he went back to Korea due to homesickness.

Ambition played the role of Gen.G’s captain both inside and outside of the game, with his leadership, veteran experience, and flexibility proving instrumental in the team’s success.

Crown is most well-known for his play on Viktor and Malzahar from the midlane, although his performances have always been inconsistent.

Gen.G will now have to find players to replace the glaring holes that Ambition and Crown left in the jungler and midlaner positions. Big-name free agents are about to hit the market however, including superstar midlaner Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok.