Invictus Gaming sweep Fnatic to become the 2018 League of Legends World Champions

Invictus Gaming resoundingly swept Fnatic, 3-0, to claim the trophy and a prize of $834,375 in the League of Legends World Championships 2018.

While most would have penciled in the matchup as a close one before the finals started, IG thought otherwise. They took the fight to Fnatic from the get go and never let the Europeans get any breathing room. 

Gao “Ning” Zhen-Ning won the Finals MVP award for his steady dominance throughout Worlds, providing IG with the edge they needed to dismantle their opponents. Ning had a sublime showing in the finals, recording 13 kills and 29 assists with only three deaths throughout the series.

Game 1 of the Finals series saw Ning on Camille and Yu “JackeyLove” Wen-Bo on Kai’Sa combine for 13 of IG’s 21 total kills to get their momentum going in the series.

IG didn’t let off in Game 2, putting Kang “TheShy” Dong-geun on Irellia to lead the way. He had a game-high 9 kills and 8 assists as IG pummelled their opponents, 22 kills to just 7 for Fnatic, as they had the championship within reach.

Fnatic tried to claw their way back into the series in Game 3, only to be denied by a determined IG squad. JackeyLove on Kai’Sa had a clean 13 kills and 7 assists on his team’s 24 total kills over Fnatic’s mere 12. Soon enough, a dominant teamfight win let IG go on their victory march into Fnatic’s base and the championship.

With their win, IG become the first Chinese esports organization to lift the Summoner’s Cup.

Despite their valiant efforts throughout the tournament, Fnatic will be settling for 2nd place and a consolation prize of $300,375.